Nov 6 One last thing

We were at Sea Rim last night and the mosquitos were so bad you could not step outside the camper. This morning the fog was so thick you couldn’t see anything and evrything was covered with moisture. We left and headed for Winnie TX, got a spot for the night and headed to Galveston. It s full of bikers but there was room for P&J to do an afternoon of shopping.

THis will be the last post for this trip… Thanks to those who followed the gals go from Canada to the Gulf.

Nov 5 Sea Rim State Park

They made it t o the gulf after 42 days. Not bad really for two gals in their 70’s. We decided to come to Sea Rim Park and “sort of” beach because Galveston is full of motorcyclists this week. We will now edge closer to Galveston tomorrow because P&J want to see Galveston.

P&J rode through a very industrialized area today as they rode from Fannett to Sea Rim state park. Beaumont/Port Arthur is well known for its port and refining capacity. As P&J had the pleasure of riding through the Valero refinery with a mile of overhead pipes and other stuff over head. It’s like going through a tunnel in some areas. As they stopped to look at a historical marker a security gut pulled up behind then and asked what they were up to. As they were talking the guard said no pictures please. If they took a picture he would have to fill out a report, call the DHS and all sorts of stuff that would delay them and make him grumpy. Well they agreed to not take any pictures. The security guy said he didn’t get it since there were 3000 workers on each shift and each one of then probably had a cell phone.

We found Sea Rim to be as isolated as you can get with no internet service including 3 and 4G Verizon. There was a road between Sea Rim and Galveston but it washed out 25 years ago and has not been rebuilt. The trip to Galveston went from about 40 miles to 95 miles. That has cut the traffic to Sea Rim park in half and now its primarily used for waterfowl hinters, shell hunters and educational excursions.

Dinner tonight…Pork chops browned in olive oil and then simmered to perfection in cream of mushroom soup (thinned with a little milk) and cooked small red potatoes and onion. All served with a little Mogen David wine.

Nov 4 Fannett TX

Good conditions today with some excitement. Just south of Sour lake the road was under water for about 3/4 mile. We trucked over that spot and then continued on. A lot of water in the ditches here. Several rains in the last week or so caused a lot of flooding.

As P&J were crossing one of the bridges in the area, Peg spotted a cell phone on the road. She made a few phone calls and found the owner. That too was an interesting story. The first person she got ahold of said she was in Houston visiting a sick relative in the Houston hospital. Then when Peg got ahold of the lady who owned the phone she found out the gal was headed home and just a few miles ahead on our trail. When we met her she told peg that it was her brother in the hospital and he had shot himself. He will survive but will be pretty screwed up.

One more day of riding. We are headed for Sea Rim State Park for a few days. We will probably travel to Galvaston for one day to meet a cousin from Wisner Neb who is down here for a wedding.

Tonight was a dinner of Chicken Breast and Spagitti squash.

Nov 2 Onalaska TX

P&J got 48 miles in today. They made it to Analaska, a tourist town catering to all water activities. Roads were nice with shouldres  most of the way. Humidty was the problem today at 99% this morning to about 98 by mid afternoon.

We are in a KOA campground in Onalaska on lake Livingston. Lake livingston looks to be 30 to 40 miles long. It is a big lake with causways and bridges similar to the coast. We all rate this the nicest campground we have stayed at in both the west to east and the current north south trip. Peg brought up staying here for a cou[ple of months next winter and my first question was who does the cooking. Well I’m not comming if I have to do all the cooking.

3 more days like today and P&J will be enjoying Galvaston. Me too…park this thing for a few days and enjoy the beach.

Nov 1 Crockett TX…yet

Rain again today and it was constant this morning and off and on all afternoon. P&J went back to Palistine Texas to do a little shopping. There is nothing in Crockett I guess.

Livingston Texas tomorrow. (We hope) Forecast looks good with winds out of the north.  It looks likw 4 days of riding left and we will be in Galviston. Then a few days on the beach, weather permiting and then home. Last time we drove home from one of these there was snow on the ground in May. We expect the same this time.

Store bought chicken and salad tonight since it was P&J’s turn to cook.

Oct 31 Crockett Tx

About 40 miles in today. Fairly easy ride but due to rain in the morning P&J got a late start. Crockett is oe of those towns that seem to be deteriating at least through the center of town. The area is beautiful with rolling hills dressed in pine and hardwood trees. I’t’s a lot like the hill country east of San Antonio and Austin. The difference might be the season. In the spring the hills are covered with blue bonetts.

a few notes on kindness. As we started out in ND one of our first nights was in a small town that had a full hook up stop in thier city park. The old gentleman said go on downand I’ll talk to the mayor to make sure its alright. He went out of his way to come down to the park to tell us it was ok and it was free. In OK, we pulled into a camp ground late and found they only had 50 amp hoolups. It was late, no walmart around so I asked a fellow camper if he knew where I might find and adaptor. He found one in his camper and loaned it to us for the night. When I returned it in the morning, he said keep it I’ve had it for 5 years and never used it.

all along the way, while sitting beside the road waiting for P&J people have taken the time to stop and ask if I needed help. It seems that acts of kindness are still going on in the heartland.

Oct 29 Palistine TX

I tried to correct the problem with people who try to leave a comment getting DB error and the comment not posting. after an hour or so working with the support donkeys it was determined that the DB was corrupt. So they started to look for a backup which is taked every day and found that there backup systems was having trouble and my database was one of those that didn’t get backed up properly since Oct 7th. So no more comments on the blog. Please visit peg and jans facebook pages to comment on the dys activities.

40 some in today. Peg not feeling well so we stopped just north of Palistine and found a nice cqmpgrond. Nurse jan determined that Peg dosen’t have a fever so Peg is retiring early and everyone is being very quiet. It’s impossible for me to be quiet. It seems that I make noise just moving and the harder I try the more stuff gets in the way.

The area here is woods and hills. P&J took a country road from Athens to Palatine today and it was beautiful. Winding hilly roads with low traffic. These are the kind of roads they remember from the W to E trip in the hill country west of San antonio and through out Louisian, Mississippi, Alabama and northern Florida.

Tomorrow depends on how Peg feels.

Oct 28 Still in Athens TX

We had a day off today. Jan did laundry, Peg cleaned the camper and i went grocery shopping, got the truck washed and made a little booze run. It seems that the city is dry of hard liquor and the neares Liquor store was in a small town about 8 miles west on Hi 175. P&J went shopping in Athens and I had a chance to read all afternoon.